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About us

The company East Way Income LTD was established in the March of 2004 to help looking for customers in first turn in the Russian market but also in markets of Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and other countries which are located in ex-USSR territory.

Nowadays our company successfully works in the field of direct supply from supplier to customer.

We order many kinds of goods and large assortments from suppliers of Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan for our customers.

Primary economic activities are:

1. Searching and bridging and establishment of contacts with customers.

2. Assistance of preparing and signing of agreements.

3. Tracing about timely payments.

4. Advising to avoid unexpected troubles.

Also we provide collecting of information and analysis about state of the Russian market.

Also we can give to you the knowledge about possibility of working with companies in the Russian territory and consultation about making business in Russia.

By main way we order all kinds of sanitary fittings for example: Ball Valves, Brass Pipe's and PEX' fittings, PE&PEX pipe, Mixer Taps for kitchen and bathroom, Flexible Hoses, Traps and Waste Pop-Up, Parts and Accessories and many other things.

Since 2005 year we also provide supplies of goods in the sphere of I.T. technologies and have direct contacts with computer's parts wholesale companies, in the first turn with sellers of LCD monitors.

At the present time one more direction was opened for our company activity. It is supplying of textile and textile industry products. We cooperate with high quality producers only from Mainland China. Our suppliers are, in generally, large-scale enterprises located, by main way, in Shaoxing (Zhejiang province).

The permanent office of our company is located in Moscow Russia. Also we have partners and assistants among Chinese Producers and Trading Companies.

We hope our service help you to make your business more successful and developed.


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